About Me

“I tailor each session to you. I capitalize on natural strengths and transform your blocks into gifts you never knew you had”.

I believe

Your greatest success is possible at any age. When you have a calling that drives you, recognize it, embrace it, make it yours and own your outcomes – if you can do this you can achieve anything!

My Core Values

Collaboration & Community
Self-development & Growth
Being the best I can be

My Coaching Style


What makes me different?

1 on 1 support and coaching, the focus is all on you.

Tailor made courses that focus only on what you need, not
what you have already.

My clients are equality important – you are all my “diamond”

I hear too many stories from clients who have invested large amounts of time and money in programs, only to get lost in groups of 100+ people… or online courses that pay you in promises, not outcomes.

I don’t blame them, they are million dollar enterprises after all, so it’s easy to lose the love when you have so many people to love – the downside is, quality can only go one way (and that’s not up!).

It’s easy to get left behind and eventually stuck when the course finishes – unless you qualify as a diamond client, which, for many coaches, can mean you’re paying upwards of $30,000! …Not great when you’re struggling to make that in a year!

When you work with me you are my diamond client.
I give you not just the strategies and blue prints you need, but the time, the one on one focus and attention, to support you in achieving the outcomes you’re paying for.

Why Sales?

You might not like it, but sales are bound to turn things around for you and make a huge difference in your bank account!

Make a few changes to your sales and marketing efforts, and you’ll find yourself in a fast-flowing, abundant slipstream of high-paying clients.

I spent 16 years as a sales representative and trainer, and in sales management. At just 19 years old, I received some brilliant training, and was soon promoted to the youngest (and only female) state manager of a national company. In fact, when I moved to Sydney, the sales training and visualization gave me the edge I needed to become one of Australia’s best IT recruitment agents. At just 26 years old, I was earning between $8,000 and $32,000 each month.

Sales conversations can be transformative. Selling from the heart is real, and I want nothing more than to help you discover the beauty of heart-based selling. That way you can introduce your offering to those who will benefit the most.

Ultimately, once you get the hang of sales, and realize you are doing others a favor by helping them say “yes,” you might actually start to enjoy the process. My clients discover that it’s exciting making money!

Why Mindset?

I have been studying self-improvement for a while, and I’ve always been drawn to the quest of discovering our “true” nature. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in spirituality as well.

For my entire life, and through the illness and tragic death of a loved one, I have gained the knowledge that with an empowered mindset and a clear intention, we can grow and bounce back from anything.

I have uncovered a great deal of powerful tools over the years — core energetics, EFT, and of course, meditation.

I use EFT (tapping) on a near-daily basis, and with my clients.

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique is a tool that can be used to break through blocks, change beliefs and anchor in positive thinking.
  • Kate’s Tapping approach to clear blocks works amazingly

    – Rebecca Fisher, Clearly Creative, Client.

  • EFT offers great healing benefits.

    – Deepak Chopra, MD

  • EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior.”

    – Bruce Lipton, PhD

“I believe everything happens for a reason – and that reason is to show us how to be the best version of ourselves. It’s not always an easy road but when we can become the conscious director of our inner selves we can create a life beyond our imaginings”


I loved singing as a kid. My family used to sing rounds in the car like the Family Von Trap. When a professional musician heard me sing at a party, he offered me my big break.

I went on to perform in over 1600 shows (and counting!). From crowded pubs, to Black Caviar at Flemington, I even sang for the Prime Minister of Thailand.

From the age of 14, I wrote poetry that led to the composition of more than 100 original songs.

Eventually, I was flown to Detroit to sing on a Motown producer’s new record label. I also recorded an album with an ARIA and Grammy award-winning producer.

And Then?

In my late 20s, I founded my first company and
became a professional singer.
At 27 years old, I founded a recruitment agency
called Tetra IT. My partner and I made $87,000 in
our first year as entrepreneurs, but I ended the
company when we split.

How Did I Become a Coach?

I wanted to use all my talents, and apply them to business and helping other people while enjoying my creativity.

So I asked the Universe for my next step.

Two days later, my talented friend said she hated sales. She’s a coach herself, and asked if I could help.

Soon after I started coaching her, she closed her first high-end deal.

She went from hating sales and struggling in business, to enjoying sales and becoming profitable!

A Life I Love

Now my schedule gives me the freedom to sing and compose, film Empower TV, coach my incredible entrepreneurs and build my tribe.

My clients are multi-talented too. I love to encourage them to create a business model that works for their lives, so they can do what they love and love what they do.

“It’s amazing when you are able to bring all of who you are into what you do, and have time to do the things you love.

And then I started my coaching company!

My Present

I’m honored to coach amazing small business owners!

I give them a fresh perspective, new strategies and accountability so they can move forward faster.

I know what it’s like to toss and turn at night worrying about cash flow.

And I’m passionate about helping creative people, coaches, healers and entrepreneurs make real money.

Building a Community

90% of my content is free. I want to help women in all stages of their business. There is always so much to do, especially when you are first starting out. That’s why I like to break down the strategies that will make the greatest difference in the shortest time. I created Empower TV to help female entrepreneurs overcome their biggest sales and mindset blocks, and support them when doubt and fear creep in.

The Sales with Soul Summit 2016 was a free resource for entrepreneurs, and brought 24 of the world’s leading sales and mindset experts together for a 21-day event.

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Addition Random facts

Will crash tackle ANY dog ANY time ANY place with cuddles and conversation.

Grew up in the country, till I was in grade 5.

I sport a small double chin… thanks Dad!

Extra Note:

My passion is to help women make what they are worth – so they can enjoy an abundant and empowered life. Everyone needs to know Sales basics – I stand by that. Everyone needs to know how to over-come objections and confidently close the sale but there is so much more to it.

I take the mystery out of best business practice, simplifying all processes – into actionable baby steps that create big results.

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