Is this normal?

Have you ever wondered… is this normal?

… I received an email from a new business owner yesterday.
She was battling with negativity, self-doubt and overwhelm.

I felt for her, I know it’s EASY to feel like the only person in the world who is struggling.

You compare yourself to the BIG successes in your industry and think
Why is it so HARD for me?
Why is it taking so long?
Why am I feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, negative?
… Is this normal?

Here’s the truth…

YES it IS normal. And here are a few more truths:

• Starting a business takes time! You probably know this logically – but it’s easy to forget and feel behind. Go easy on yourself. Even the “overnight successes” usually spend 1-2 YEARS preparing before they began. You either prepare, or learn on the job – either way it takes time.
• EACH-TIME you stretch yourself to become bigger, you have to let go of a piece of yourself that wants to stay small. This will bring up resistance – and your EGO will kick and scream. It will feel like negativity and doubt.
• When you decide to take on more, grow and step up – you will need to GROW into a greater you – who is big enough to inhabit your new success. This growth masquerades as feelings of struggle.
• MOST things take 5-10 times longer that you think they will. This demands patience and perseverance… yay.
• You will have to allow for rejections, setbacks, fuckups and stood me-ups. NOT fun

Keep the faith.
Stay on course.


The top 5 mistakes you are making in your Sales Conversations…and how to fix them

A small change in your process can lead to a big change in your bank account!

Have you ever lined-up an ideal prospect, someone who you know is PERFECT for your product or service? They are the right demographic, they have the money to invest and sound good to go, but somehow you get to the end of that all-important enrolment or sales conversation and it ends with NO SALE – and you are like… ehhh, what just happened there??!

I know how hard it can be to have someone who you are SURE is ideal, slip through your fingers.


Especially when you feel you really could have helped them, and by letting them walk away you feel like you have let them down… not to mention the time and money you have invested to get them this far.

Mistakes happen, but recurring mistakes need to be addressed now – or else you’ll find yourself losing business momentum and confidence.


Everything is so Hard

Are you having one of those days, weeks or months when everything seems hard? If yes, I may have something that will help. (I’ll tell you a secret) I had a SUCKY January!!

… I was putting together the first episodes of Empower TV and I was coming across block after block after block.I’m not usually accident prone – but I was breaking stuff, dropping things, and injuring myself like I was some sort of comic relief.

I was hitting wall after wall after wall, I mean, with everything!

> YAY my camera operator announces he’s moving overseas

> YAY my expensive DSLR camera doesn’t have the external mic output I need

> YAY I got the wrong technical advice from experts at a camera store… and to make things even better the door LITTERALY hit me on the way out and removed a nice long deep chunk of flesh from the back of my leg (double YAY).


Ever felt like the Universe has forgotten you?

Have you ever experienced a massive set back in your business that completely took you by surprise?? – a relationship break-up, a financial disaster or family crisis, or something really important to you that just didn’t come off?…and even though you kinda know “everything happens for a reason” that maybe The Universe has forgotten about you…?

This is the vibe I got from Nicole (yes, i’ve changed her name) who replied to last weeks blog.

Nicole has just experienced a financial tragedy and now in her later years, is thrown into the challenge of having to start her own business. She was bravely trying to sound up-beat.. but the energy of her email seemed to say Why me?? This wasn’t meant to happen! … I’m too old for this shit!

I could have agreed that life was unfair, and the fact that she was facing this challenge made her a victim – but that wouldn’t be truthful

I could see and feel SO clearly that Nicole was actually in the right place at right time – at the start of an amazing adventure!!


Listening your way to Success

I just experienced from a customer’s point of view the reasons why it is SO important as a sales person to not over talk and to listen to your prospective client. Here is what happened… I just had a discovery session with a coach to see if this person was a right fit for me (I think everyone benefits from mentoring and I’m looking for a personal coach).

It was SO interesting to be on this call as a potential customer. To experience what it feels like when someone doesn’t listen to you – and it really feels massively frustrating. You feel as if you could be anyone on the call – as if all they are thinking about is making a sale.

From a sales point of view by not listening to her customer this bright but overly talkative coach missed two golden opportunities.


How to boost your confidence in just 2 minutes.

2 Minute exercise for Greater Confidence.

Many women I speak to share a common complaint that they feel inhibits them from selling more. They feel they lack confidence. So I want to share a simple powerful tool that any one can do starting immediately.

Amy Cuddy – a Harvard University researcher discovered that powerful leaders share a similar hormone profile. She discovered that effective leaders had high levels of testosterone and low levels of cortisol. Testosterone has been found to indicate high levels of confidence in women and men. High levels of cortisol means essentially that your stressed out!

Amy and her team study body language and its effect on hormones. They identified and classified different body positions as “high power” or “low power” poses. A high power pose is open, strong and confident a low power pose is guarded and withdrawn. She had study participants strike a power pose for 2 minutes. Their before and after saliva tests were taken and they were astounded to see that just 2 minutes increased testosterone by 20% and reduced cortisol by 25%!!


Why you should always Follow Up?

Question: A potential client says and means now is not the right time to go ahead. Should you

A: Wish them the best as they walk away? Or

B: Ask if you can call to touch base at a later stage?

Answer: B. Always ask if they would like you to follow up!
Make it a part of your process that you are so used to doing you barely think about it. Here are some examples as to why:
I am a customer who LOVES shopping and I am a consumer who loves a good salesperson – because I love them to take care of me and answer all my questions until I feel good about purchasing. Just recently I spoke to someone who was trying to sell me a block of seminars. At the time I baulked at the price – (which was really just an objection) later that week I decided I would like to go ahead and buy. Guess what?? The salesman never followed me up!! The guy who made the sales call could have earned thousands had he just followed up! Plus I felt quite peeved and unimportant! Not happy making. … From a customer service point of view. I don’t want my customers to EVER feel like that!


Visualization – what is it? How can I use it to get more of what I want?

Einstein – “your imagination is a preview of coming attractions”.

Imagine proving you have power over your physical world! Amazing right? Imagine seeing something and saying to yourself with conviction that it is happening … then it happens!! It’s SO amazing. It feels as close to being a Wizard from Hogwarts or a Super Hero with super human powers as your ever going to get and the thing is ANYONE can do it! .. So why not get on it? Take it for a spin. Commit to seeing if it works. You might just surprise yourself to find that it actually does work and in so proving you can learn something that can change your life.

I first learnt visualization when I was 19 years old from a super cool sales manager who had flown in from interstate to train us. He said next time – before you go to sleep. Think about a goal then see and feel yourself achieving it. Burn your target into your brain!! I didn’t really completely understand what he was talking about. I loved the idea – I wanted to see if it actually worked.


The first to speak loses!

When it comes to closing Silence is Golden.

Picture this – you have asked for the sale – you’ve taken a deep breath – gone in for the close and the question hangs in the air … the customer says nothing! …………… Seconds feel like ages!

As the clock tic tic tic’s the awkward silence yawns……………………………… You are feeling intense discomfort! … You feel like breaking the silence – its so damn uncomfortable!

The question is, um.. is it ok to break that silence?? ………………………………………
The Answer is………..

NO !!!!! Here’s the thing – the first to speak loses!!
There is an interesting power play that happens when you ask that all important question and you figuratively hit the ball over into their court. Until they hit it back to you (in way of an answer) there is a power packed tension that is a fantastic tool!


Timing is Key

What is timing? I think of it as an intersection between knowledge, intuition and flow.

So we know timing is key to success in many areas for example – cooking, dancing and sex. So is timing important in selling?

Hell Yeah!
There will come a point in most sales presentations when your client is in that precise moment sold and comfortable in moving forward. What if your timing is off? … What happens if the client is willing to go ahead and you are only 30 seconds into your proposal? What if you miss the moment and keep on talking? … Well, the exact same thing that happens to you’re a perfect salmon fillet when you overcook it… your client’s enthusiasm will start to dry out.

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