Hello lovely! I'm Kate

I’m a business coach who specializes in sales and mindset, I help women who are brilliant at what they do, but often get stuck when it comes to sales and marketing. I work with entrepreneurs who benefit from a clear and simple plan that shows them where to take their next best step, that will make the biggest impact in their business.

My mission is to help female business owners bring their offering into the world and make it work! And turn your business into a sustainable money making machine.

So you can live a life of freedom and purpose.

A lot of celebrity coaches make owning your own business sound easy right?? And when you hit a rough spot you’re like – what the hell is wrong with me… maybe I’m not meant to do this!? But let me tell you darling – nothing is wrong with you. And although being an entrepreneur is a crazy and exciting ride of self-discovery, the truth is, being an entrepreneur can also be stressful, hard, and it can be lonely.
… Sometimes you feel like you are going to be the next great success, somedays you feel like giving up.

I’ll help you believe in yourself when you’re in doubt and take the mystery out of the steps that will build momentum in your business.
I’ll give you the secrets that will help you get further, faster.

As with all the FREE stuff on this site, and of course MY BRAND NEW EmpowerTV show (yay!), our company goal is to provide quick and easy, no-bullshit solutions to all types of business problems. We provide a central hub and community for all the latest “heart-based” business methods and techniques, that industry leaders are only now starting to adopt themselves! Better late than never to grow a heart, I say!? 🙂
So what is this “heart-based” stuff…
Someone who is “heart based” is a being who is awake to our oneness rather than our separation. Who realizes when we hurt another we harm ourselves – who has an innate need to help – as when we help one – the ripple on affect can help change the world.

We are women building our own world with our own rules so we can live our best lives, who, unlike moguls – who went before us – we don’t compete, we collaborate! We know we get further together and we also have a lot more fun along the way!

I invite you to join our community of like-minded brilliant entrepreneurs now.

And what-ever stage you are at my darling – you are welcome!

xx Kate

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